Past Speakers . . .

Pat Salber, MD, MBA.
Editor in Chief, The Doctor Weighs In
Anthony Chang, MD, MBA
Founder, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIMed)
Emmanuel Fombu, MD, MBA.
Physician, Healthcare Futurist, Author
Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA.
President & CEO Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
Nisha Mehta, MD.
Orrin Ailloni-Charas, MD.
Physician, Investor, Consultant
Satasuk Joy Bhosai, MD, MPH.
Brajesh Agrawal, MD.
Neurologist, Author, Investor
Elizabeth Baca, MD, MPA.
Specialist Leader at Deloitte
Deepak Behera, MD.
Executive Advice, Medical Imaging, Clinical Development
Patrick Carroll, MD.
Uli K. Chettipally, MD, MPH.
Physician, Innovator, Author, Speaker
Lynda Chin, MD.
Founder Apricity Health, Oncology Professor
Rajesh Dash, MD, PhD.
Medical Director, SSATHI, Co-founder HealthPals
Paul DeChant, MD, MBA.
Senior Advisor, Simpler Consulting
Philip Edgcumbe
MD/PhD candidate, Futurist, Entrepreneur
Sonia Gupta, MD.
Michael Harbour, MD, MPH.
Leah Houston, MD.
Founder, HPEC, Digital Physician Guild
Daniel Low, MD.
Anesthesiologist, CMO, MDmetrix
Piyush Mathur, MD.
Anesthesiologist, Intensivist, Founder, BrainX community
Nikhil Rajapuram, MS4
Srinivas Mummadi, MD.
Paula Muto, MD.
Dave Prakash, MD.
Adam Schlifke, MD, MBA.
Jacqueline Shreibati, MD.
Cardiologist, Chief Medical Officer, AliveCor
Shyamali Singhal, MD.
Sharief Taraman, MD.
Prentice Tom, MD.
Pankaj Vij, MD.
Alan Young, MD, MBA.
Chief Medical Officer, GYANT
InnovatorMD's mission is to globally advance the work of physician innovators and entrepreneurs delivering solutions that revolutionize patient care.
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