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PHYSICIANS AND STARTUPS - Physician Investor Course

The role of venture capital in healthcare innovation and the pathways available to physicians to participate as investors as well as advisors/consultants/entrepreneurs.

Clinical Trials for Physicians - InnovatorMD Meetup

How can practicing physicians be a part of clinical trials?

Physician Investor Course - The Empowered Physician

Learning about investments and putting it into practice.

Women Physicians in Innovation - InnovatorMD Meetup

Presenting some amazing women physicians who are in innovation!

InnovatorMD Global Summit 2021

IGS2021 - The Largest Event in the World for Physician Innovators!

From Napkin to Bedside - InnovatorMD Meetup

Sharing our napkin to bedside entrepreneurial journey in transforming stroke care

Not Just A Doctor - InnovatorMD Meetup

Elevating Physician Innovators and their work!

From Idea to Product - A 4-part Course for Physicians

A 4-part Online Course for Physicians, over 4 weeks. Working on the frontlines of patient care, many of us get ideas for a product that can solve a problem. How does one make this idea into a product?

InnovatorMD Meetup

Re-imagining Specialty Care

InnovatorMD Global Summit 2020

InnovatorMD Global Summit 2020 will host the world's brightest minds and leading-edge physician innovators for one purpose present new ways to make the world healthier!

InnovatorMD's mission is to globally advance the work of physician innovators and entrepreneurs delivering solutions that revolutionize patient care.
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